Local Access Numbers

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Toll free Access Numbers

1-866-539-4390 - English
from Landline
1-866-601-2683 - Spanish
from Landline
from Pay Phone
(Sur Charge from lycatalk)

International Call costs

Landline ¢/min
Mobile ¢/min

More Rates

The price to call your favourite destinations is based on local access number. Your mobile operators may charge you for using local access number, or may deduct your inclusive minutes (please check with your mobile operators for further clarifications). If you use free access number to call your favourite destinations,please add 3cents/min to the above price and if you use payphone please add 99cents/min to the above price shown.

Prices are correct at the time of updating the website (07-11-2014). We are constantly reviewing our prices and as such they may change at any time.

Please feel free to call our friendly customer service number if you need further assistance.